Tiny Hand

sorry we haven’t been on much recently but seeing as the show is on hiatus and will be for quite some time, so will we, just giving a heads up but i’ll probs check in a few times reblog a few things but when the show reairs no doubt we’ll on this blog 24/7 hahahaha bye bye

1 year ago


mmfd + rae/finn in episode two


Getting snazzyfied up for Sam’s 18th Bash.

my mad fat diary - episode one

My Mad Fat Diary: One Character
↳ Finn Nelson

this srsly made my day i cannot stop laughing .. omg ricO

tbh i thought MMFD was going to be my little secret for a long while but this show is spreading like a virus (as it should be) but wow it makes me so happy !!!


So today, this happened.

I’m not really sure what to do with myself.

omggg ciara i might be second hand fangirling for youuu! kEVIN MCHALE?? wow mmfd is srsly a tv changer ;)